Review: Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett!

Confessions of an Angry Girl: Confessions #1
Release Date: 08/28/12


272 pages

Book Description from Goodreads:

Rose Zarelli, self-proclaimed word geek and angry girl, has some confessions to make…:

1. I’m livid all the time. Why? My dad died. My mom barely talks. My brother abandoned us. I think I’m allowed to be irate, don’t you?

2. I make people furious regularly. Want an example? I kissed Jamie Forta, a badass guy who might be dating a cheerleader. She is now enraged and out for blood. Mine.

3. High school might as well be Mars. My best friend has been replaced by an alien, and I see red all the time. (Mars is red and “seeing red” means being angry—get it?)

Here are some other vocab words that describe my life: Inadequate. Insufferable. Intolerable.
(Don’t know what they mean? Look them up yourself.)
(Sorry. That was rude.)

***ARC received by Harlequin Teen for review***

As I bend down to lace up, I realize I’m Angry today, with a capital A – I can feel it. Good.

I love to interview authors and one of the questions I sometimes like to ask them is: If someone made a book about your life, what would the title be? Confessions of an Angry Girl would be the PERFECT book title for my life! I’m known to my family and close friends as having a bit of a, um, temper. They make fun of me for it all the time (seriously not a wise thing to do) and call me an angry midget (because I’m 4’10 ½”, yes that ½” makes a big difference to me). When I first saw the cover for this book, I immediately sent it to my sister who said it was the perfect book for me. I was really looking forward to it and had really had hopes for it. This book totally exceeded all of my expectations!

Rose is having a really bad year. Her dad died in Iraq, her family is falling apart, she is losing her best friend to the cheerleaders and the guy she likes is dating one of those cheerleaders. As a result of all these things, Rose is pissed! She is mad at the world in general and ends up taking it out on other people. After some of the cheerleaders, mainly Jaime’s girlfriend, pushes her buttons one time too many, Rose FINALLY gives in to the rage and anger inside her and fights back which is just a beautiful moment! Rose was such an awesome character and even though she was cynical, brutally honest and at times mean to her friends, I completely connected with her and loved her. Although there was a romantic interest between Rose and Jaime, it isn’t the main focus of the book and worked perfectly to create the perfect setting for the next book. Louise wasn’t afraid to shy away from any uncomfortable subjects and did a great job covering them.

I’m at a bit of loss of words to adequately describe my love for this book. I loved everything about this book from the cover to the beautiful story inside. My only problem with this book is that I wish Rose was a bit older than 14 years old (she turns 15 in the book). Maybe it’s because I have been reading mostly New Adult books recently where the main character is 18-23 years old, but it didn’t turn out to be such a big deal at the end. I was expecting a cute story about a girl who finds the meaning of life after losing her father. What I got was so much more! I couldn’t help it and I ended up getting completely sucked in this book dying to see what Rose would do next. The ending was completely unexpected and a cruel cliffhanger. It is seriously evil to make us wait until next year to read the next book, Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend. Funny, emotional and angst-y, Confessions of an Angry Girl is a fantastic story! Seriously dying for the next book! And maybe it’s just the crazy in me talking but I really hope we see more of Rose’s anger in the next book.

5 out of 5 super sparkly stars all the way!

Some of my favorite non-spoiler quotes from Confessions of an Angry Girl:
(These quotes also describe me perfectly! Except that I LOVE Chuck Bass!)

-Nothing is the way it was supposed to be this year, and it’s really pissing me off.

-If anyone ever tried to figure out who I am based purely on my iPod, they’d never be able to do it. Public Enemy is followed by the Pussycat Dolls and preceeded by Patty Griffin. I love my Florence + The Machine as much as my Rihanna, my White Stripes as much as my Black Keys.

-He lights his cigarette and turns his head to the side to exhale while keeping his eyes on me. I am pretty sure he saw Chuck do this on Gossip Girl, and I bet he’s been practicing ever since. I suddenly hate that stupid show.

Apparently I hate everything these days.

-I’m not sure why a bottle of vodka is so much more exciting than a keg, but then again, I’m not much of a drinker.

-Someone jams an iPod in a dock and the Crash Kings starts playing so loud that I can feel my skull vibrating. I stick my fingers in my ears and realize that I’m acting like an old lady.

-And suddenly, the reason I’ve been so mad at everyone and everything for the past few weeks is very clear to me: I don’t understand any of this.

-“Mom told me you were pissed off at the world, but I didn’t realize you were acting like a two-year-old.”

-As my temperature rises and my common sense takes its leave, a thought calmly pops into my head: I don’t have panic attacks-what I have are rage attacks.


Just for fun, I thought I would point out some similarities between Rose and I:

-We both have the same eclectic music taste. My iPad is full of very different music genres. I am obsessed with The Pretty Reckless, System of a Down, Serj Tankian, Flyleaf, and Evanescence. Mixed in with those songs is Beyonce, Rihanna, Pink, Backstreet Boys, George Strait, Tim McGraw, Britney Spears and all the songs from the songs from the Victorious soundtrack.

-I don’t really understand the big deal with drinking as I am not a drinker. I’ve only drank a handful of times and have only gotten drunk maybe 3 times in my life. As far as I’m concerned it just makes me go pee a lot and makes me sleepy.

-I am made fun of all the time for acting like an old lady. My sister says I am a 26 year old lady trapped in an old ladies body. Most things people my age like doing doesn’t really interest me at all.

-I am not 14 years old like Rose (I’m 26) but when I was 14 I attacked my sister and her friend from the backseat of the car because they wouldn’t stop making fun of me. My sister was driving and had to pull over to get me off of her. At 14 I also kicked her in the face for making fun of me another time.

-And of course, there is the anger. I am the nicest person until you make me mad. (Doesn’t take much) When I was reading this book I kept thinking to myself: OMG! Was this book written about me? Is someone spying on me? But I’m pretty boring so of course they aren’t.

Anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, I fucking LOVED this book!!!

About the Author

Louise Rozett is an author, a playwright, and a recovering performer. She is making her YA debut with Confessions of an Angry Girl, published by Harlequin Teen, due out on 8/28/12. She lives with her cool boyfriend Alex and awesome dog Lester in one of the world’s greatest literary meccas, Brooklyn. for more info.


  1. haha I love the title! I think every high school girl is an angry girl. I know I was! And definitely with what she is going through. I hate cliffhangers though. I passed on this but I read so many good reviews that maybe I will give it a try sometimes.

  2. I just finished this book too and I freaking loved it! You are so right about how much more the book has than what it seems. I thought it was going to be a bit “young” but it was soo sooo much more!
    Great post!

  3. I wasn’t that big of a fan of this book and stopped reading after a few chapters. But I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much! Great review

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