Blog Tour: This Shattered World by Amie ..

this shattered world

Click on banner to check out the full blog tour schedule!Welcome to my stop on the This Shattered World blog tour hosted by The Midnight Garden!  I devoured These Broken Stars this weekend and it was so good!  (I know, but better late than never).  I’m more than halfway done with this one and I’m […]

Top Ten of 2014: Favorite Books!

top 10 2014

 This is my 3rd year participating in this event and it’s still one of my favorites!  I’ll be sharing my favorites of 2014 this week, with a new topic each day.  Click on the button for more information or to sign up. (There’s still time!) Favorite Books of 2014:Does not have to be released in […]

Stacking the Shelves (131) + Weekly Reca..

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I’m soooooo close to being done with Christmas shopping… and I’m ready for Christmas to be done with already.  I’m tired of crowds everywhere (blocking the damn aisles with their shopping carts) and having to park super far.  We open our presents the 24th, we don’t even wait until midnight.  We try to make it […]

Audiobook Review: Princess of Thorns by ..

princess of thorns

I just love it when a non-Fantasy lover kind of reader like me, can fall in love with a Fantasy book.  I’m such a sucker for re-tellings and gorgeous covers (they get to me every time!) and knew I wanted to read this as soon as I read the summary.  Sleeping Beauty’s daughter? Disguised as […]

Waiting On Wednesday (134)!

WOW meme

I have been waiting for this book since I read Greta and the Goblin King back in 2012.  I don’t usually read Fantasy and sometimes I struggle with it, but I loved everything about this book and I’m excited that it’s FINALLY coming out.  And with redesigned covers… too bad this new cover won’t match […]

Audiobook Review: Baby It’s Cold O..

baby its cold outside

I believe this is the first Christmas book I’ve ever heard and now I now I’ll look for more every year.  I’ve been bitten by the Christmas bug and these books seemed like the perfect escape.  I’ve only read the books by Jennifer Probst and Emma Chase, so even though I tried listening to the […]

Audiobook Review: Into the Deep by Saman..

into the deep

I’ve only read one book by this author and I really liked it (On Dublin Street).  I’ve been wanting to continue the series or read another book by her but haven’t found the chance.  When I saw the audio for this on sale for less than $5, I jumped at the chance to listen to […]

Stacking the Shelves (130) + Weekly Reca..

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Wow, what a crazy week!  Between mid-season finales that made me laugh (Once Upon a Time), made me want to cry (The Flash) and almost gave me a freaking heart attack (Arrow), I’m all feeled out.  Luckily, the mid season finale for The 100 isn’t until this week because I don’t think I could have […]

Character Profiles & Giveaway: Zodi..


Thanks to Penguin Teen and Razorbill, I have character profiles and a giveaway to share with you today from the sci-fi/fantasy book Zodiac!  And, because I’m a fashion nerd, I also have a ‘Where I See Fashion’ feature. Enjoy! *** Character Profiles: Name: Rho Grace Age: 16, but I’ll be 17 in a week. Background: I’m a Cancrian […]

Where I See Fashion (4): Rogue by Julie ..

bl where rogue

*** I recently heard the audio for Talon and really enjoyed it.  I really loved both of these covers.  They are so simple, but very eye-catching and beautiful.  This dress reminded me of the scales on the cover.  You can’t really see the design up close, so I’m adding a close-up below. Are you a […]

Waiting On Wednesday (133)!

WOW meme

*** I wasn’t sure what to pick for my WOW this week, until I saw this one.  You know me, I love killer books and this one sounds awesome.  And it’s out soon! What are you waiting for this week?

Audiobook Review: Maybe Not by Colleen H..

maybe not

I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea about this book until a few days before it was released.  Hoover writes such great secondary characters and even though I’m not usually a fan of novellas, I knew she could make it a good one, like Finding Cinderella.  Plus, I really […]

Do You Compare Your 5 Star Books to Each..

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During a conversation I was having with my friend a couple of months ago, she asked me: Do you compare books to other books when you rate them?  Meaning, do I compare a 5 star book to my other 5 stars books?  At the time, I wasn’t sure what my answer was.  I had to […]

Stacking the Shelves: (129) + Weekly Rec..

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This past Friday was my blogs 3 year anniversary and I didn’t even remember until I saw Nick’s anniversary post.  I forgot my blog anniversary last year too.  I suck.  Last month was also my 1 year anniversary for my fashion blog.  I might do a giveaway for both if I remember soon  Anyway, Nick […]

Where I See Fashion (3): Confess by Coll..

bl where confess

*** I am such a huge fan of anything that Colleen Hoover writes.  I know I’ll be in a world of hurt when I read her books and it’ll be so worth it!  I’m so excited for this one and I need it to be  March 2015 already.  I’m loving all these watercolor covers and […]

Is a happy couple…a boring couple?..

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Ever think about how probably 95% of the books you read (that have a romance) always have to have something that keeps the couple apart for at least a while?  I think half of the books I read go like this: couple is attracted to each other, they realized they like each other, have super […]

Waiting On Wednesday (132)!

WOW meme

*** Oh this one sounds so good!  I’m hoping that it’s a sort of friends romance story line and not something else (like what I was expecting with Althea and Oliver).  Although this cover is very simple, I love the fingerprint heart.  Is this on your TBR yet? Leave me a link to your WOW […]

Review: The Morbid and Sultry Tales of G..

the morbid and sultry tales

This was one of the most original stories I think I’ve ever read.  Big thanks to my friend Megan who knows how morbid I am and knew I would like this book.  I one-clicked it before I even finished reading the summary.  A professional mourner?  Sold!  Confession time:  I’m kind of terrified of funerals and […]

25 Days of Book Boyfriends: Madoc from R..

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Welcome to my stop on the 25 Days of Book Boyfriends Giveaway!  Today, I’m featuring one of my favorite book boyfriends of the year, Madoc from Rival by Penelope Douglas.  He was my first choice and I’m glad I got the chance to feature him.  I love a good love/hate relationship and Madoc and Fallon […]

Stacking the Shelves (128) + Weekly Reca..

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Oh man, I was so excited for Thanksgiving because I love all the food.  I feel so disappointed that I only ate twice, such a rookie move.  Anyway, I finally read some books!  It’s been taking me more than a week to read one book for the last few months and it sucks.  And the […]

Audiobook Review: Blackbird by Anna Care..


This book was so different than anything else I’ve read.  I’m not sure yet if that’s a good thing or bad thing.  Other than the cover, this book never really caught my eye until I found out that it was written in 2nd person tense.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a book written this […]

Where I See Fashion (2): The Stars Never..

bl where the stars never rise

*** I’m not usually a fan of butterflies on covers (or butterflies in general), but this cover is oh-so freaking gorgeous!  I immediately thought of this cover when I saw this dress.  I’ve never read anything by Rachel Vincent but I do hava few of her books and I have this one on my TBR. […]

Waiting On Wednesday (131)!

WOW meme

*** Did you read that summary? Land ruled by a killer? Girl determined to kill him but falls for him instead?  Oh this sounds exactly like my kind of book!  I saw the cover a few weeks ago but didn’t really pay attention because it’s a little busy (I wish we could see the girl […]

Top Ten Tuesday (11): My Winter TBR!


The Fall line-up is looking pretty good!  I’m very excited for several of these titles and plan on getting started on some of these very soon.  Hopefully these willl get me out of my rut.  These are the books on my Winter TBR, in no particular order: Winter TBR: (covers linked to Goodreads)           *** […]

Review: On the Edge by Allison van Diepe..

on the edge

I was so excited for this book because I’m such a sucker for books that have anything to do with crime and or the mob.  The summary of this reminded me books by Simone Elkeles and Katie McGarry, which I love.  There were parts of this book that I really liked, parts I liked okay […]

Stacking the Shelves (127) + Weekly Reca..

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Last week was full of suckage.  My oldest (7) has been complaining of pain in her ear.  We could see she had something in her ear and I figured maybe it was wax and took her took the doctors.  Turns out that she has paper in her ear.  Have no freaking clue how it got […]

Where I See Fashion (1): Magonia by Mari..

bl where magonia

*** This post is inspired by Bianca from Where I See Fashion.  I’ve been a long time fan of her blog.  If you know me, you’ve probably seen my Book Looks.  While I love putting those posts together, sometimes there is just one item (dress, shirt, shoes, purse, jewelry) that reminds me of a book […]

Audiobook Review: Stray by Elissa Sussma..


When I saw that this was a fairy tale retelling and that this author worked on Disney’s Tangled, I immediately added it to my TBR.  I love Tangled with a passion that rivals most little kids.  And I’m such a sucker for anything fairy tale related, I just binge-watched 3 1/2 seasons of Once Upon […]

Review: The Weight of Destiny by Nyrae D..

the weight of destiny

Nyrae Dawn, you never fail me!  I’ve loved every book I’ve read by this author and she’s on my auto-read list.  I haven’t been keeping up my GR release shelves these last few months and I actually just heard about this book like 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I immediately added it to my […]

Waiting On Wednesday (130)!

WOW meme

*** Oh this sounds so cute and emotional, such a good combo!  It reminds me a bit of Katie McGarry’s books, which I love.  I love the cover of this one and I can’t wait to read it. What are you waiting for this week?