Audiobook Review: Stray by Elissa Sussma..


When I saw that this was a fairy tale retelling and that this author worked on Disney’s Tangled, I immediately added it to my TBR.  I love Tangled with a passion that rivals most little kids.  And I’m such a sucker for anything fairy tale related, I just binge-watched 3 1/2 seasons of Once Upon […]

Review: The Weight of Destiny by Nyrae D..

the weight of destiny

Nyrae Dawn, you never fail me!  I’ve loved every book I’ve read by this author and she’s on my auto-read list.  I haven’t been keeping up my GR release shelves these last few months and I actually just heard about this book like 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I immediately added it to my […]

Waiting On Wednesday (130)!

WOW meme

*** Oh this sounds so cute and emotional, such a good combo!  It reminds me a bit of Katie McGarry’s books, which I love.  I love the cover of this one and I can’t wait to read it. What are you waiting for this week?

The Gif & Bookshelf Tags!


I’ve been looking at these GIF Tag posts and secretly hoping someone would tag me because it looks fun!  I don’t use gifs much, but I do like seeing them on other posts.  Thanks to Amber at Du Livre for tagging me.  Here are the books she gave me to gif:      Anna and the […]

Stacking the Shelves (126) + Weekly Reca..

STS meme new

I don’t think I even read a book or audiobook last week.  I’ve been lost in the world of Netflix and Once Upon a Time.  Last weekend, I was in the middle of Season 1.  I ended up binging on Season 2 in 2 days and I’m currently through Season 3.  I have issues… Anyway, […]

Audiobook Review: The Book of Ivy by Amy..

the book of ivy

I was never really planning on reading this book.  Dystopias and I don’t really get along, even back when they were all the rage.  I always find them depressing and the lack of romance sucks.  (As much as I like The Hunger Games, I haaaaate the romance storyline.)  When the audiobook showed up in my […]

Audiobook Review: Talon by Julie Kagawa!


Even though this wasn’t what I was expecting, I ended up really enjoying this one.  So this wasn’t the high fantasy, action packed story about fire breathing dragons.  Honestly, at some times, it read like a contemporary, but the hints of dragon story that we did get, I ended up really liking.  Even though the […]

Audiobook Review: Althea and Oliver by C..

althea and oliver

I don’t even know where to start with this…  I didn’t think it was a bad story, I just don’t think it was the story for me.  I also don’t think it’s a story for most people.  The misleading summary is just one of the many issues I had with this book.  I was expecting […]

Top Ten Tuesday (10): Top Ten Characters..


I love when secondary characters steal the show and find a memorable place in your heart.  I don’t think that EVERY secondary character needs their own story, but sometimes there are those characters who are just begging to have their own book.  These are the top ten(ish) characters that NEED their own book! (covers linked […]

Review: After the Rain by Renee Carlino!

after the rain

Confession time: I usually do my best to stay away from sad books because…well… they’re sad and depressing.  Sometimes I like them, sometimes I feel like they are too much, mostly it depends on my mood.  I’ve found that I have to be in the right mood to read sad books.  When I first saw […]

Stacking the Shelves (125) + Weekly Reca..

STS meme new

Last week was a pretty laid back week for me, not much happened.  I heard some good audiobooks, managed to read a book and watched a few episodes of Once Upon a Time (season 1) on Netflix.  I’m really liking it so far and I gotta say, my character so far is Rumpelstiltskin.  I’m looking […]

Audiobook Review: In Her Wake by K.A. Tu..

in her wake

Although I’m a big fan of KA Tucker and this series, I wasn’t sure I wanted to even read this book at first.  Ten Tiny Breaths wasn’t my favorite of the series, I liked it, it was a good book, but my favorite is Five Ways to Fall.  (I also really love Burying Water!)  I’m […]

Audiobook Review: A Thousand Pieces of Y..

a thousand pieces of you

My mind is spinning right now!  I’m still not sure if it’s a good kind of spin, or bad kind of spin.  Mostly good, mostly confused.  I read and enjoyed Gray’s Evernight series years ago and after seeing this stunning cover, I added this to my TBR right away.  Even though sci-fi isn’t my favorite […]

Audiobook Review: Dirty Rowdy Thing by C..

dirty rowdy thing

Oh man, I had such a fun time with Dirty Rowdy Thing!  While I liked Sweet Filthy Boy (and Ansel), I had some issues with Mia that kept me from loving it.  Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable book and I knew I wanted to continue the series.  I was really hoping that Harlow and […]

Waiting on Wednesday (129)!

WOW meme

Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips Release Date: 06/30/14 Kensington Teen Summary from Goodreads: When seventeen-year-old Lexi Shaw seduced Tyler Flynn at the beginning of senior year, her rules were perfectly clear: keep the relationship a secret, avoid each other around school, and most importantly, never get attached. But Tyler, school burnout and all-around bad boy, […]

Audiobook Review: The Young Elites by Ma..

the young elites

This was such a unique book!  I’ve never read a book by Marie Lu (even though I have her Champion series on my TBR) so I have nothing to compare this to.  But, you probably all know by now that I struggle with Fantasy.  It’s not my favorite genre, but I do find it easier […]

20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know..

20 things

I like these fun type-posts, big thanks for Lisa and Becca from Lost in Literature for tagging me.  I’m a little burned out on reviews right now and coming down from my sugar rush from all the Halloween candy I ate, so I hope you guys don’t mind getting to know me a little bit […]

Stacking the Shelves (124) + Weekly Reca..

STS meme new

Happy November!  Before you know it, Christmas will be here.  My kids got the Toys R Us big toy book in the mail and circled EVERYTHING!  I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’m also looking forward to my reading this month because my TBR is very small for November.  I’m hoping I can catch […]

Audiobook Review: The Edge of Never by J..

the edge of never

I’ve had this e-book since it was first released as an Indie.  I’ve been wanting to read it ever since, especially because of all the glowing reviews.  While I definitely didn’t hate this book, I’m in the ‘black sheep’ minority because I didn’t love it as much as everyone else seemed to love it.  I […]

Review: Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths..


Historical fiction, even if it isn’t YA, isn’t one of my favorite genres.  I normally tend to stay away from them, but I just couldn’t stay away from this one.  It wasn’t just the beautiful cover that caught my attention, the unique and summary were to blame for that one.  I loved the world that […]

Book Look (66) & Giveaway: Compulsi..

book looks meme

Book Look: Compulsion by Martina Boone by nereyda1003 Buy Links: *** This book sounds amazing!  My friend Liza just reviewed this and said it was the best book she’s ever read.  I really want to read this one and I’m hoping they release it on audio soon.  This cover is gorgeous, I love the leaves, […]

Review: Even In Paradise by Chelsey Phil..

even in paradise

This book made me feel so many emotions that I’m not entirely sure what to rate it.  Did I enjoy it? Yes, very much.  The story had a very lyrical quality to it that I really liked.  It also had a sort of Gossip Girl vibe that appealed to me.  This isn’t a love story, […]

Top Ten Tuesday (9): Bookish Inspired Co..


I had a review planned for today but I couldn’t pass up today’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic.  Kind of.  Today’s topic is which book character I would like to dress up for Halloween (or some variation of that).  I’m changing it up a bit to show a few Bookish (or movie) inspired DIY Halloween Costumes, […]

Audiobook Review: Made For You by Meliss..

made for you

This was such a pleasant surprise!  I loved the cover of this book and the summary sounded so interesting, but thriller’s are not really my kind of book.  I just couldn’t pass this up when I found out that MacLeod Andrews was narrating this one (I have a crush on his voice!) and especially when […]

Stacking the Shelves (123) + Weekly Reca..

STS meme new

Can you believe October is almost over?  I’m getting really excited for Halloween.  For my kids of course.  And for all the candy that I’ll be stealing from them when they go to sleep.  My November TBR is looking pretty small, which I am thankful for.  Hopefully I can catch up on my reading.  And […]

Audiobook Review: Sweet Filthy Morning A..

sweet filthy morning after

It’s so hard to rate this because it’s so short.  At only 30 minutes long, (it’s an audiobook exclusive), it’s hard for me to give it a rating because it’s not a full story.  It’s only a bonus clip of Sweet Filthy Boy from Ansel’s POV.  We don’t really learn nothing new here about that […]

Audiobook Review: Undeclared by Jen Fred..


I really loved books 2 and 3, Unspoken and Unraveled, of the Woodlands series.  I’m such a sucker about stories with military men, which is what hooked me on this series in the first place.  I started the series at book 2 and then went on to read book 3, but I somehow never got […]

Audiobook Review: Sublime by Christina L..


I’m well aware that this is a love story between a ghost and a human, and let’s face it, those never end well.  Anna Dressed in Blood anyone?  I knew going into this book, that this would 99% not end in HEA.  I was expecting that.  I was fine with that.  I was prepared for […]

Waiting On Wednesday (128)!

WOW meme

Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher Release Date: 01/31/15 New Adult/Mystery Hoover Ink Summary from Goodreads: Best friends since they could walk. In love by the age of fourteen. Dating for over four years. She’ll do everything she can to never forget. He’ll do everything he can to never remember. Too bad it’s not up […]

Review: Stone Cold Touch by JLA!

stone cold touch

Oh man, I read this book back in May and I felt like I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I read this in two days and that’s rare for me because I’m not a fast reader, I had a print copy of this and those take me even longer to read, and I […]